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Elect Matt Coyne

Matt Coyne

As the son of two dedicated public school teachers, my passion for K-12 education runs deep. I'm running for the Issaquah School Board because I believe that strong public schools are essential for building strong communities.

If elected as your School Board Director,

I will champion three critical areas of focus:


Our public schools are the backbone of our community's strength. By ensuring our schools are thriving, we not only equip students for their futures but also elevate property values and the overall desirability of our community. Together, let's empower every member of our community with a voice in shaping the future of Issaquah Schools.


As a parent with children in the Issaquah School District, I am deeply invested in their success and the success of every student. We must make strategic budgeting decisions that prioritize crucial funding for student mental health, special education, and other pressing needs. By forging strong partnerships with elected officials at all levels, we can secure expanded funding for public education, providing our students with the resources they need to thrive.


Coming from a family of educators, I hold immense respect and gratitude for the teachers who have shaped my own educational journey. Unfortunately, teacher recruitment is on the decline nationwide, and our district is not immune to this trend. Together, we must work tirelessly to find solutions that attract and retain exceptional teachers in the Issaquah School District. By collaborating with school officials and city/state partners, we can create an environment where our teachers are valued and supported.

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Join me in transforming our public schools into centers of excellence that nurture the minds and talents of our students. Let's build a future where every member of our community takes pride in our schools, where students thrive, and where teachers are empowered to make a lasting impact. Together, we can create an educational experience that unlocks the full potential of our community. Vote for me as your School Board Director, and let's shape the future of Issaquah Schools together.

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